Laser skin resurfacing is a treatment for various skin conditions that works to achieve multiple cosmetic goals such as minimizing scarring and stretch marks, rejuvenating aging or damaged skin, and controlling acne breakouts. Fractional C02 Lasers utilize C02 gas to produce light waves that vaporize skin layers at the surface. It can target precise amounts of skin with minimal damage, and has been used to treat acne scars, warts, birthmarks, and wrinkle. Treats microscopic columns of skin, often surrounded by untreated areas. It is noninvasive and aims to essentially trick the skin into creating new skin to replace the damaged, targeted areas. The ultimate goal is to create natural skin rejuvenation.

Using thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots, little “wounds” are created within a treatment area. These “wounds” trigger the body’s natural healing process, also causing the accelerated production of collagen and healthy skin cells.

Full results show over the weeks and months after treatment. This treatment targets only a fraction of skin at one time; surrounding tissue is left untouched, thus allowing for faster healing process

  • Targets: aging and sun damaged skin by treating portions of specific damaged tissue
  • Recovery: varies; most patients are able to continue normal daily routine, while some require a little more time
  • Side Effects: redness and swelling, mild sunburn sensation an hour post-treatment and then only minimal discomfort, some flaking of old, dead skin tissue as new skin develops

Price: $650,000.00

For sale outside of the United States only.